Engin Akyürek: Disney Plus vs Netflix | Turkish Series: Teammy

engine akureki

Disney Plus Launching in Turkey, clearly claiming to be the digital market leader. However, Netflix is ​​not going to bow down to a competitor by creating projects for its customers that will persuade them to stay. What will happen in the next two months?

The Disney Plus digital platform will launch in Turkey on June 14. Disney does not spare money in Turkish projects or infrastructure. A $120 million film studio is under construction, more and more new TV shows have been ordered, millions of dollars have been spent on contracts with Turkish stars.

However, Netflix does not intend to deliver its subscribers without a fight. Especially not very positive results of recent months were given, which led to the biggest drop in the share price of the company due to the loss of about 700 thousand subscribers in the world. We are looking forward to a decisive battle for the Turkish media market. Netflix is ​​also building its own film studio in Turkey and isn’t afraid to pummel promising projects from a competitor.

Therefore, in order to acquire the series “The Taylor” starring ağatay Ulusoy, intercepting it from Disney Plus, Netflix took an unprecedented step by ordering three seasons of the project at once, which is filmed in one large block. The stage is set to make the dream of millions of viewers come true with the combination of the famous couple Kiwans Tatlitu. beren sato In the cinema Almost all Netflix series in Turkey have been renewed for a second season, even those that have not been very successful in the world, such as “The Club”.

Another “shock” that Netflix inflicted on the contestant was the announcement on May 23 of the premiere of the film “Good Luck” starring Engin Akurek and Tolga Saritas. Note that the first Turkish Disney Plus project will be the series “Escape” starring Engin. Accurek. Both the projects are produced by O3 Medya and Same Film. Which of the two will the audience be more interested in?

We should expect even more competition in the digital market soon, as HBO Max and Amazon Prime join the fight.