Entrepreneurs Needed ‘Shark Tank’ Even More During Pandemic, Show’s Stars And EPs Say – Contenders TV: Docs + Unscripted

shark Tank The shoot had to make some significant adjustments during the pandemic, including ramping up production in Las Vegas where he bubbled up at the Venice Hotel. But then producers had to wonder: Would entrepreneurs want to travel to Sin City to secure funding for their budding businesses?

You bet your belly rock, they did.

“It worked out really, really well,” said the executive producer. clay newbillWhich EP. joined in eun lingner and shark daymond john and Kevin O’Leary on Television on Contenders of Deadline: Documentary + Unscripted Awards-Season Event. “There were really a lot of people out there. There were thousands of people ready, so our casting numbers didn’t drop at all. People really wanted the opportunity.

“I think in some ways during the pandemic they needed even more opportunities to get in front of the sharks and push their ideas. And some businesses were actually started because of the pandemic.”

Added Lingner: “We feel very fortunate to have been able to shoot two seasons during the pandemic and all be safe. We don’t feel like the quality was affected at all. Yes, there have been some changes to the set and we There have been some concessions, like closer contact between the sharks and the entrepreneurs. But really the content of the show and the spirit of the show were unchanged. It was a really heartwarming, wonderful experience.”

season 13 shark Tank returned this month abc,

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