Eurovision Hopes: Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra And UK’s Sam Ryder Favourites For Tonight’s Song Contest

British bookies at present. Giving odds of 7/18 for Ukraine for this evening’s victory Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, Italy, with their entry Kalash OrchestraThe distinctive blend of rap and folk music, along with the country’s current courage in the face of a Russian invasion, is expected to unite voters across Europe in support.

Frontman and writer Ole Psiuk – distinguished during this week in Turin with his pink hat – told the BBC ahead of the band’s semi-final appearance:

“It is very important for our country to win by all means. So if we win, it will be another chance to show Ukraine to the world, remind people about Ukraine and boost morale across the country.

band song stefania Originally inspired by Psiuk’s mother, lines such as “I will always walk to you through broken roads” have been interpreted in the context of the country’s current plight.

Psyuk separately told the BBC this week: “The song was originally about my mother. Not a single song was about the war. But now for many Ukrainians, it has become a symbol of this war. Even That my attitude towards the song has also changed.

Although Eurovision Song Contest Officially apolitical, since its inception in 1956, competing artists have delighted in confusing the arrangement by slipping political lyrics into their songs. With the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) announcing in February that Russia would be banned from competition following its invasion of Ukraine, politics is taking a more pronounced role this year.

And the Kalush Orchestra were only Ukraine’s second choice in the national competition to compete, but found themselves on their way to Turin when Ukraine’s original winner, Alina Pash, traveled to Crimea in 2015, territories seized by Russia a year earlier. , and was therefore deemed ineligible to participate.

In another twist for the books, Sam Ryder, who entered the UK for this year, is currently considered the second favorite of bookmakers.

This represented a sea change for the UK – which, despite being one of six countries allowed to go directly to the final without competing in the semi-finals, due to its long-time investment in the EBU – was almost more tolerated. Has less than a decade of outrageously low scores. Whether this reflects Britain’s political isolation during the years of Brexit – the country’s decision to leave the European Union – or whether the music on offer has simply been sub-standard, we will never know for sure.

However, this year has seen an almighty effort to support the creative and artist. Lyricist for Ryder’s Song spaceman Grammy winner Amy Wedge, who previously co-wrote Ed Sheeran thinking too much, and Max Wolfgang, who has previously written with John Legend and others. Also, Sam Ryder has over 12 million followers on TikTok, so he already has a higher profile and bigger fanbase across Europe than many UK entries.

Ryder will consider himself lucky to be on the left side of the board after several unsuccessful UK entries, but the night will certainly belong to the Kalush Orchestra and his country.