Eva Longoria, Charles D. King Creating Diverse Crew Members Database For Studios – Produced By

Producers Eva Longoria and Charles D. King shared their disappointment today at Produce by Conference, stating that studios tell them they looked for diverse crew members, but found none. Macro CEO King and Unbelievable Entertainment founder Longoria said they are building a database of diverse talent they can offer to the studio when faced with that question.

“We have to work,” Longoria said in a keynote speech for Produce by Conference. “Every time I produce something, I bring my crew list.”

Longoria and King said they share the list with each other and with other filmmakers such as Ava DuVernay. DuVernay has gone a step further, making the Array Crew database accessible by the studio.

Even with a list of resumes, Longoria said that producers should advocate for talent to get a chance. Longoria is directing the film flamin’ hot For Searchlight Pictures. He faced resistance against hiring cinematographer Federico Cantini for his first feature film.

“They keep saying they’ve never done a film of this size,” Longoria said. “I said, ‘I haven’t done a film of this size.’ You haven’t done it until you’ve done it. It’s like a chicken or an egg.”

King agreed with Longoria that his role as producer included fighting to raise other diverse talents.

“At times we are leaping and you have to fill in the gaps,” King said. “You just have to keep calling all your friends and everyone, but they are there. There are enough people with some level of experience to make the leap to the next level.”

The king also recommended flamin’ hot For writer Linda Yvette Chavez Longoria. King allowed Longoria to read a script that Chavez had written for him, but could not share that writing sample with another studio. In fact, Longoria credits producer Devon Franklin and fellow actor Kerry Washington for recommending her to direct.

“I am me,” said Longoria. “You’d think I could come in the door. I still needed a lawyer to get in the door. These things help. You have to use this opportunity, meet people, those relationships in this industry.” to nurture.”

Longoria said her own agents sometimes get annoyed when she advocates for other actors for roles she herself is auditioning for. Longoria said that he once recommended Roslyn Sanchez and Diana Maria Riva for a role he didn’t think was right.

“my agent will call me” [and say,] ‘If you include another actress in your audition, we’re not sending you any more,’ Longoria said.