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Actor Fahad Mustafa is the most successful and popular film and television actor and host. He has many hit movies and dramas in his pool. Actors often speak about the film industry and the problems that are currently affecting the industry.

In his latest interview to Nauman Ejaz, he talked about films in detail. Fahad Mustafa shared his thoughts about the films saying, “I think we were doing well, our films were seeing growth till 2019. Actually, things eventually turned bad. I think fast. Growing businesses also fall fast, the evil eye falls on us, things get worse during covid. Also, the political situation has affected us really badly after which Indian films were banned, this Influenced cinema. The TV industry in Pakistan has a very close relationship with the audience. The film industry doesn’t have that.”

Fahad Mustafa gives detailed analysis on the downfall of films

On a question about the work of local filmmakers, he said, “If I ask you the names of five good films, you will not be able to tell about them and if I ask you about the songs of the films, the singers here too.” Will not. Be able to answer about them, which pretty much tells that we haven’t given anything important yet. It is good to admit our mistakes, then only we can move on. We get 70 to 80 per year There is a need to make films, out of which 10 to 15 films should be such which are owned by us. From the rest, every year one filmmaker will be filtered who will struggle to do better next time.”

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Fahad Mustafa gives detailed analysis on the downfall of films