Fakt Mahilao Maate Box Office: Gujarati film fares well in the first week; collects Rs. 6.57 cr. :Bollywood Box Office – Bollywood Hungama

The Gujarati film Fakat Mahilao Mate has done well. The film, which released a week ago on the occasion of Janmashtami, saw a good number of viewers in the business. Actually, after collecting Rs. 1.34 Crore on its opening day Fakat Mahilao Mate Ki Karyaan was released with 1300 shows per day across 300 properties, before it saw more growth on Saturday and Sunday.

Now, after drawing in Rs. 4.66 crores in its opening weekend, Fakat Lao Mate has remained more or less stable in the next weekdays. With the collection hovering between Rs. 42 lakh to Rs. 50 lakh marks, Fakat Ladies Mata managed to attract another Rs. 1.91 crore on weekdays, taking its first week total collection to Rs. 6.57 crore

Presently, Fakat Mahilao Maate has set new benchmarks at the box office among Gujarati movies, recording its business in huge numbers in Gujarat and Saurashtra. Going forward, with an extremely positive audience, the business of the film is sure to grow further.

Day 1 – Friday – Rs. 1.25 crore
Day 2 – Saturday – Rs. 1.55 crore
Day 3 – Sunday – Rs. 1.86 crore
Day 4 – Monday – Rs. 0.52 crore
Day 5 – Tuesday – Rs. 0.49 crore
Day 6 – Wednesday – Rs. 0.48 crore
Day 7 – Thursday – Rs. 0.42 crore

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