‘Fantastic Beasts 3’ & ‘Sonic 2’ Near $300M Global, ‘The Lost City’ Tops $100M – International Box Office

refresh for latest, Warner Bros. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore But crossed the $200M mark international box office This weekend, occupied the top foreign spot for the third consecutive frame. Offshore Session Added $38.3M For a running total of 67 markets $213.2 million with around the world $280.3M,

as noted end of last weekand as evidenced by the larger North American dropThe American Plan The franchisee is an international asset and has a decent hold of -44% overseas this weekend. Nevertheless, it is running behind the previous films in the series. The threequel is performing best in the typical Harry Potter markets, though not particularly leading with the UK. The top centers so far are Germany ($23.3 million), Japan ($22.3M), UK ($21.7M), China ($17.5 million) and France ($13.6 million). International IMAX is less than $12M.

Long after the shutdown of covid hong kong, FBTSOD Opened at No. 1 this session with $1.4M. Cinemas are currently operating at 50% capacity. Seven markets in the Middle East will open next weekend.

Overall in this frame, international spectators were out for family games and laughing with Paramount sonic the hedgehog 2 And the Lost City Seeing a strong hold.

of sound one more earning $19M In 57 markets — only 29% off last session and starts with No. 1 Poland And Malaysia (With all India In Hollywood titles – local sensation KGF: Chapter 2 Still goes there and we’ll update on that in a bit). international sonic 2 less is now $142M For $287.8 million Global means the small blue crater will be worth over $300M any day now.

lead for charge of sound what are UK ($26.3 million), Mexico ($15.7M), France ($14.3M), Australia ($13.1M) and Brazil ($8.9M). of sound goes face to face with Fantastic Beasts In the Middle East next weekend. Japan is on deck for August.

Sandra Bullock / Channing Tatum Romcom Adventure the Lost City got another $17.1M In 58 markets, including 27 new openings. This is another staggering release and saw a drop of just 21% from the previous session. offshore is low $42.7M With $128.1M global.

Australia And this UK There was a particularly strong hold for the $6.8M and $7.4M cums, down 16% and 17% respectively. France The third season had the best opener of the season with $2.1M; Germany And Mexico Started with $1.7M at number 2 and 3 respectively. Still Denmark is yet to come in the next frame and Japan on 24th June.

During this, China Beijing is trying to stem the rise in COVID cases and will begin three rounds of mass testing starting Monday Global Times informed of. According to CNN, a municipal official told reporters today that the situation is “urgent and serious.” With Shanghai still on lockdown, it is unclear whether Beijing will follow suit. Once the test results are back, it will provide a clearer picture of the overall situation and “more measures will follow,” a senior expert at the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told GT,

That’s not good news for Universal/DreamWorks Animation the bad guys Which has a release date of 29 April in China. However, the film is still doing strong business in its sixth weekend overseas. $5.9M Frame for a massive 9% drop in this session. It has now reached with No. 1 domestic opening $63.1M offshore, good for $87.1 million global. Plus China, Korea and Japan are still on deck.