Farzan Faaiz Releases New Track Dil Hai Khilaf, Says It’s “Emotional Song Telling The Story Of A Boy Having Tough Time In Love”

Farzaan Faiz releases new track Dil Hai Khilafat (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Farzan Faiz, who started his career as a music composer in 2014 with films ‘Anuradha’, ‘Luv Ke Funde’ and ‘Veere Di Wedding’, recently released a new song titled ‘Dil Hai Khila’. He said that it is the number one emotional track which narrates the story of a boy going through tough times in love.

Farzaan Faiz said: “The song is written by my father Faiz Anwar, one of the best lyricists in the Hindi film industry, and composed by me. It is an emotional romantic song, about the difficult times in a boy’s love. The song is full of passion, energy and love. There is a certain harmony in the music which creates a synergy between the voice and the song which represents the time when your heart is broken and you are ups and downs. were passing.”

“My song has meaning for everyone and is diverse as everyone goes through such feelings at some point in life. There is something between anger and tenderness which I tried to balance in the raga and the song,” said Faiz.

His first solo as a singer came eight years after he made his debut as a musician.

Why did it take so long and what is the main feeling in your mind now that it is over?

“I’m really glad it’s out. It’s better to start late and come prepared. Being a musician, I could have come up with a single anytime; but I felt that my voice was not mature enough and I needed some Needs respect.Coming out of a lot of isolation from recent covid lockdownThe challenge was to find my own voice, my own mechanic of the work routine. ,

“It was about reflection, for example, about how to sing a song; What should be the composition and melody. With ‘Dil Hai Khilafat’ I felt I could justify that reflection. The final challenging process was the mixing and mastering as they were the final touches to the songs I worked on very meticulously. It’s kind of technical but still very important: it was a real beginning experience for me.”

Talking about how he rates his songs, Farzan Faiz said: “You can’t rate your first work. Whatever happens, your debut work becomes special and gets closest to your heart. I’m so emotional and feel overwhelmed when I think about it.”

Baba Beats is releasing the song. Talking about how he persuaded him to release his song, he said: “My dad being a famous lyricist used to help. Prakash Rohra is a common friend of Baba Beat’s Nikhil Tanwani, owner of Baba Films. When he heard the song, he liked it and wanted to release it. I was very happy to have Baba Beats for my first music platform as it is a reputed company. ,

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