‘Father Of The Bride’ ‘SNL’ Reboot Reunites Steve Martin, Martin Short & Kieran Culkin; Selena Gomez Returns

saturday night live Audience blessed with 2022 reboot of 1991 film father of the bride reuniting steve martin, Martin ShortAnd keiran culkin who starred in the original.

The latest incarnation of the franchise begins several years later as George Banks (Martin) is celebrating the latest engagement of his 52-year-old daughter, Annie (Heidi Gardner). As much as he loves his princess, he admits he can’t afford to pay for another Nancy Meyers-level celebration. In fact, his wife Nina (Chloe Fineman) is currently driving for Lyft to pay for their last wedding—her seventh!

Annie is definitely going to get her way, so this soiree is going to need a planner, and none other than Frank (Short) will do. As the heavily accented Frank is suggesting the bride all the ways she can freshen up, her troubled brother Matty walks in through the front door.

If you kept your eye on that door, there was another surprise yet to be unveiled. This was the second appearance by Selena Gomezwho co-stars with Martin and Short in Hulu’s hit comedy series only murders in the building,

In the sketch, she is playing an enhanced version of herself who will be performing at Annie’s latest wedding ceremony. When George learns that the new wedding will cost the singer $1.8 million to secure, George backs out and leaves the group with the perfect opportunity to perform their rendition of “Party Pooper”.

Check it out below.