‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Boss Teases Julian McMahon’s “Bittersweet” Departure

Julian McMahon will be taking his last bow As Jess LaCroix on Tuesday Night’s Episode FBI: Most Wanted, Episode Title “Shattered” and Executive Producer David HudginsThere’s a juicy teaser for eager fans.

“The episode is a combination of two things,” Hudgins told Deadline on Monday. “It’s a very intense episode about domestic violence, which is something we’ve always wanted to do because it’s such a big problem in this country. It’s Sarah (Jan Landon) stalker, with Jess’ experience with Hugh Thematically connected as well. We thought it was an interesting extra layer to the episode. And then on top of that, we’ve got Jess and Sarah in a pretty good place, talking about going on the first vacation that Sarah Have you ever seen Jess take it?

Hudgins said: “He was amazing. My best wishes are with him. And he was fantastic on the show. It’s bittersweet for him to leave because he was so good in the role.”

All of the above layers make for an intense and emotional episode as McMahon steps out of stage left to explore other opportunities. Dylan McDermott Will join the series in a March 29 episode titled “Decriminalised.”

Now at the end of Jess’ journey, Hudgens said that she and the writers proudly see how much the character has evolved.

“He’s not the same Jess we meet in the first season,” Hudgens shared. “His arc last year was basically about putting himself out there and opening himself up to meet someone. And how can he do that with all the emotional baggage and damage he’s done by his wife’s death? -But I think he went there last year. And I think this year, it’s about deepening his relationship with Sarah and realizing that he’s not an empty nest because he has. Me Love that part.”

CBS shared a video paying tribute to McMahon with messages from fans sharing what they love most about Jess. Watch it in full below.

FBI: Most Wanted Airs Tuesdays at 10pm/9c.