Film Constellation Inks Deals On Spanish Thriller ‘Fatum’ Starring Luis Tosar, Álex García – AFM

Specific, film constellation A raft of deals have been sealed on Spanish director Juan Gallinas̵7; upcoming thriller fatumbecause it continues to sell on the title AFM With the first promo.

The film has been acquired for France (Canal+), Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy (Plan) and Latin America (California Films).

The Spanish-language feature brings together a compulsive gambler and an elite sniper whose destinies are intertwined on a fateful day when the local betting shop is robbed.

When a single bullet is fired, the next 24 hours will put them in a race against time that will define their lives forever.

Luis Tosar in the cast (cell 211, even the rain, take my eyes), Alex Garcia (unknown origin, bride), Elena Anaya (the skin i live in, amazing lady, Rifkin’s Festival) and Aaron Piper (the elite And mess you leave behind, 15 years and one day,

will be released into production Spain In 2023 by Universal Studios.

Borja Pena and Emma Lustress of Veca Films (sky high, mess you leave behind, cell 211) are produced by Prime Video in association with Paris-based Playtime, partnered with RTVE, CRTVG, and supported by ICAA and Xunta de Galicia.

London and Paris-based production, finance and sales company Film Constellation is also at AFM with the Samuel Beckett biopic. dance first and romantic thrillerare haunted hereBy Academy Award winner Fernando Truba T.