Filming of the 2nd season of the TV series The Club begins | Turkish Series: Teammy

club / Kulupi

The first season of the series O3 Medya “Club / Kulup” made a big impression on the Turkish audience. Shooting begins for the second season of the series, starring Goke Bahadur, Bari Arduk, Salih Bademsi and Asude Kalbek. The series, directed by Zeynep Gune Tan, will hit the sets tomorrow. Sera Ariturk and Halil Babar join the cast of the series. The screenwriters are Rana Denizor and Serkan Yoruk. Zeynep Gün Tan will direct the first 4 episodes of the second season, 4 more episodes will be directed by Serene Yous. It is planned to make 8 episodes. Filming will last about 3 months.