Filming of the series ‘The Tailor’ takes place in Kadıköy | Turkish Series: Teammy

Tailor / Terzi

The Municipality of Kadikoy District has informed that today the shooting of the series ‘The Taylor / Terzi’ is taking place in Kadikoy Yogurtku Parki, Istanbul. Satay Ulusoy and Sifanur Gully Taking part in filming.

In addition, the official online newspaper of Kadikoy District informs its readers that OGM Pictures has signed a contract. Netflix Together for three seasons of the series, which are simultaneously filmed in a special closed area. At the center of the story is the fate of a young tailor, Payami (Çağatay Ulusoy), who lives in difficult circumstances and does everything to survive.

The vehicles of the film crew of the new Turkish Netflix series were in the spark Kusdilly parking lot with the permission of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality so as not to obstruct traffic in and around Yoguratku Park.