Filmmaker Sally Potter To Release Debut Music Album ‘Pink Bikini’ 

british film producer sally potter ,Orlando, The Party) is all set to release his debut music album, pink bikini,

Billed as a “semi-autobiographical” collection of songs, the album will feature music and lyrics by Potter, and will focus on the filmmaker’s journey as a young woman in 1960s London as a “young rebel” and activist. Will be based on the experience of coming in. The musical arrangements on the album will feature the work of guitarist Fred Frith, who has long collaborated with Potter on his film scores. The album will be released on July 14.

Known for her directing work on features such as 1992 Orlandoan adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s classic novel starring Tilda Swinton, and Ginger and Rose (2012), starring Elle Fanning, Potter had a musical career that preceded her work in cinema. During the 1970s, she was a member of the Feminist Improvising Group, an avant-garde band that toured extensively in Europe.

Potter also performed with the Film Music Orchestra and collaborated (as songwriter) with Lindsey Cooper on the album oh moscowPerformed in the USSR and East Berlin in 1989 before the fall of the Wall.

,pink bikini The transition from childhood to young adulthood chronicles some of the key moments of the turbulent female years that I experienced growing up in London in the 1950s and ’60s,” Potter said.

“The arc of the lyrics begins with a proclamation of the very early intimacy of life before language, then travels through the epic pangs of love, loss, and awakening in adolescence, with fears of global and personal doom, and ends with Out on the other side, that’s when life seems to start over again.

Last year, Potter worked on her latest film, Look at me, a short film starring Chris Rock and Javier Bardem, premiered at the Venice Film Festival. Her soundtrack albums have been released by labels including Sony Classical and Deutsche Grammaphon.