‘Flash’ Star Ezra Miller Charged By Vermont State Police With Burglary

for more newspaper accidents flash Star Ezra Miller The Vermont State Police has charged the actor with a theft incident in May.

The police report reads:

On 05/01/2022 at approximately 1755 a.m., the Vermont State Police was notified of a complaint of theft at a residence on County Road in the city of Stamford, Vermont. Preliminary findings indicate that several bottles of wine were taken from within the residence, while the homeowners were not present. As a result of an investigation that included surveillance video and statements, Ezra M. Miller was found to have probable cause to be charged with a felony offense in a vacant residence.

police station Fantastic Beasts Starr and Vermont Superior Court issued a citation to appear in the Bennington Criminal Division on August 7 at 11:23 p.m. 26 September 2022 at 8:15 am To arrest for theft. Vermont State Police worked with Bennington County State Attorney’s Office on investigation.

After facing past Miller scandals, Warner Bros. has so far maintained that 2023 is set flash Still on track. However, this latest turn of events in the Green Mountain state may prompt them to take a whole new lane. Today’s deadline has reached Warner Bros. for a response to the allegations and will update accordingly.

The news follows Miller incidents such as receiving a temporary harassment restraining order from a 12-year-old and a mother in Greenfield, MA for allegedly threatening them; 18 year old parents Toccata Iron Eyes Filing a protection order against the actor for grooming and brainwashing his child, as well as two arrests in Hawaii.

Miller’s continued run-in with the law has provided plenty of headaches for the new Warner Bros. Discovery run by CEO David Zaslav. That said, there are no plans to miss the theatrical release of June 23, 2023. flamboyant, The Warner Bros. brass is very excited by this, and we’ve heard from people who have caught test screenings, that the film, which stars Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton’s Batman, is amazing. Still, Miller’s continued devastation left Warner Bros.

This stumbling block by Miller and the choice that the WB could force to make follows a rocky week for Zaslav’s Warner Bros. On August 2, the studio pulled the plug on the Latina-led bat girl, which was in post-production, and Scoob! holiday hunt Which was in production for four years. After this, a weak quarterly report and a sharp fall in the stock put the company on the back foot. With plans to turn the shaky DC universe into a Marvel behemoth, Warner Bros. may just get the fastest man alive by kicking the fastest man off track.