Forensic: Mika Singh On Singing The Song ‘Belagaam’, “I Enjoy Singing Songs That Are Off The Beaten Path…”

Radhika-Vikrant’s ‘Belgaum’ from ‘Forensics’ is an unusual Mika Singh song (Photo Credits: Facebook, Poster)

When a singer thinks of Mika Singh, they automatically associate him with a peppy number, however for a number titled ‘Belgaum’ for the upcoming film ‘Forensics’, the composer duo Amol-Abhishek echoes this notion. change.

The music duo brought Mika on board to sing their track ‘Belgaum’ with Nikita Gandhi, giving the song an atmospheric vibe Movies, To add depth to the number Micah uses his medium tone throughout while Gandhi adds to the mood of the number.

Talking about the track, Mika Singh says: “I enjoy singing songs that are off the beaten path for me. It was a number that I really enjoyed for this very reason. ,