Former NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio To Run For Congress In Redrawn District

the former New York City Mayor bill de blasio On Friday, he said he plans to run for Congress in a new district that includes his home base in Brooklyn.

De Blasio’s second term as mayor ended last year. He was in the mix as the Democratic primary candidate in the 2020 presidential election and flirted with running for governor of New York.

Poll announces his candidacy for the Democratic nomination 10th Congress District – On Morning Joe – Covering a portion of Manhattan and a piece of western Brooklyn.

democratic jerry nadler Now represents the 10th district, but will no longer be there after the maps are redrawn. If he stands up he has said he will run in the 12th district currently represented by Carolyn Maloney. Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has held his seat in the 10th district that has been cut since 1992.

The Democratic primary is on August 23.

De Blasio’s newly unveiled website says: “The only way to save our democracy is to be a part of it. So I’m running for Congress in New York’s new 10th Congressional District. But I can’t do it alone. Join me.” “