Fresh Face: ‘Aftersun’ Star Frankie Corio On Adding “Humor And Hyperness” To Her Breakout Role In ‘Aftersun’; Now She’s Moving On To ‘The Bagman’


Frankie Corio

Age: 12

Hometown: Livingston, Scotland


Charlotte Wells in her first role after noonFrankie Corio, Sophie’s pre-teen daughter Paul MescalCalum is While on a Turkish vacation, the emotional ups and downs of their relationship take center stage. As a young, single father, Callum is wracked by existential pain that includes the loss of his own dreams. Beset by his personal demons and unresolved traumas, he is both a loving and distant father. While Sophie struggles to understand her father’s volatile mood swings, his love emerges through the lens of the camera he constantly trains on her.

In the absence of a completed script from Welles, the decision to play Sophie as someone who was equal parts confident and playfully mischievous was Corrio’s idea. “I don’t think she told me much about the character because she wanted me to see how I would play it, rather than how it was supposed to be played.” Koryo says. “But obviously, if I was doing something wrong, in a different way, she would tell me how she thinks it should be shown. She didn’t really tell me about Sophie or how she’s acting, It didn’t add much to it. I added her humor and her exuberance and her excitement because without that, I think she’d be pretty boring.

Frankie Corio and Paul Mescal after noon,

A24/Courtesy Everett Collection


Prior to taking the part, Corio had no acting experience at all. After seeing a casting call for the film on his Facebook page, it was his mother who cast him. “He sent me a little picture of me and then [the agency] Kept asking for videos and weird requests. Koryo remembers. “They wanted me to send a video of me whispering and then climbing a tree, and it was good because I was in a more natural state. Then, casting director Lucy Pardee called us when we got the part. But I was already in Glasgow before that. got twice because before i got the call, i had two auditions to see charlie [Wells],

Shortly after booking the role, Corio was officially bitten by the acting bug. “I was excited and happy; Not nervous or confused. I was just up for it. I wanted to become an actor then.

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Corio had two weeks with Mescal before filming to develop that candid father-daughter bond. From shooting pool together at the billiards table, to showing swimming techniques, and even being forced to listen to Correo’s favorite singer, Olivia Rodrigo, Mescal did it all. Did Anubhav feel like he could be her real parent in a way? “Yeah,” Corio whispered, “Paul’s amazing. He’s funny, and he’s so nice and silly when he’s off camera. But the minute he steps onto the set, his game mode kicks in and He starts acting up. He’s my best friend. Sorry, mom.

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The future of Koryo is bright. While it’s too early to share all the details about what’s coming next, Corio has confirmed that she will play a character named Emily in Callum McCarthy’s supernatural thriller the bagman from Lionsgate which will star Sam Claflin. About the future, she says, “I want to do something where there are a lot of kids, so that I can be best friends with people like stranger things, I’m inspired by Mason Thames, Madeleine McGraw, Millie Bobby Brown, Sadie Sink and all stranger things Throw.”