Friends’ Jennifer Aniston Roams Around With An On-The-Go Cooler In Her Car, Here’s Why

Jennifer Aniston can’t live without her bars (Photo Credits – Wikimedia)

Jennifer Aniston, known for portraying the evergreen iconic Rachel Green on the hit sitcom Friends, is one of the most spoken celebrities in the world. Everything she does makes headlines and to be honest it is always interesting. While she continues to make waves with her The Morning Show, her personal front is nothing short of super interesting. The actor is known to be outspoken and outspoken about everything. But do you know that she carries a cooler in her car?

Well, Aniston is one such star who does everything on her own terms. Star Now launched a Vital Proteins and Jennifer Aniston Bars series and revealed some secrets about her eating habits. She breaks down for the Pilates hobby because of the rigorous workout routine she has done in the past.

While doing so, Jennifer Aniston revealed that her car has an on-the-go cooler. Who is this for? Easy to store, cold water and vitamins. Read on to know everything you need to know about the same.

Jennifer Aniston can’t live without her protein bars. “Right before my workout, I’ll have a little bar, then a little later and by the time I eat lunch, I’ll be fully satiated,” she told E! News. news. “If I’m driving all day, it’s usually my cooler in the car and I’ll take it on the way home so I’m not so hungry that I just fuck up or eat too much.”

She then explains why she keeps a cooler stocked with cold water and vitamins. “It’s been cooler because I’ve learned my lesson,” explained Jennifer Aniston. “As soon as we live in California, you go to get your bar and you open the package and it’s just as bad a disaster as a melted Easter.”

Aniston said, “I’m a bar person, I love protein bars. It’s great that you can take and throw something in your bag and just have it for the day.”

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