Friends: Jennifer Grey Breaks Her Silence On Why She Turned Down Reprising Her Role On The Show, “They Kept Changing The Script…”

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Friends: Jennifer Gray Breaks Her Silence On Why She Refused To Reprise Her Role On The Show, Says “They Kept Changing The Script…” (Photo Credits-Episode Still)

Actress Jennifer Gray appeared on the first season of ‘Friends’ but her time on the show was dogged by anxiety.

“I was a fan of the show and I got a call to do it,” she said in an interview to Media Village, reported Deadline.

“Then when I did it, I was so worried because they kept changing the script. It’s so hard being a guest star because you’re not a part of it, and you’re really trying to figure it out. They were trying to figure out what the character was, what the scene was, and it was changing, and changing, and changing. All these things made me so anxious that I could hardly do it.”

Gray played Mindy, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) former bestie and maid of honor who had a secret affair with her fiancé Barry. In the pilot episode, when Rachel escapes their wedding, Barry takes Mindy on the honeymoon he was originally going to take with Rachel.

When Barry and Rachel meet again, they talk things out and choose to give their relationship another shot. This time, however, Mindy is engaged to be married to Barry and Rachel becomes the other woman. Mindy and Rachel then team up to confront Barry and his cheating ways.

The Dirty Dancing star said that on Friends, she had “a lot of performance anxiety” and although she didn’t know what was happening to herself, she knew she needed help.

Jennifer Gray was asked back and reprise her role on the successful NBC sitcom, but declined to return with the role being recast as Jane Marie Hupp.

“When they asked me to come back, I said I couldn’t,” she said. “He got someone else to play the role. It saddens me that I will not be asked to continue on Friends or do Saturday Night Live because of my anxiety. The truth is, I wish I had people to help me overcome that kind of fear. But I couldn’t be there until I was there.

despite not returning FriendGray said she learned from the experience, adding: “In life, I always learn more from things you feel like failures, and successes, you don’t learn as much, however fun they can be.” .. But it’s all a part of life.”

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