Gascón Recall Effort Fails: Los Angeles District Attorney To Remain In Office After Signature Effort Falls Short – Updated

update with resultsan attempt to remember Los Angeles County Dismissed today, District Attorney George Gascon, the county clerk’s office announced that organizers submitted only 520,050 valid petition signatures, less than the required 566,857.

The organizers of the recall submitted a total of 715,833 petition signatures to the county registrar-recorder/county clerk’s office in an effort to force Gascon to hold a recall election. County officials initially took a random sample of signatures to verify their validity. Based on that initial sample, the county attempted to personally verify all 715,833 signatures.

The county announced Monday that 195,783 signatures were invalid. In many cases, the person signing the petition was not a registered voter, and there were also more than 45,000 duplicate signatures, according to the county.

Gascon has come under fire since taking office in December 2020, when he issued a series of directives from critics, describing him as soft. Crime, The directions include a rule against seeking the death penalty, a ban on transfer of juvenile defendants to adult court, and a moratorium on the filing of sentencing in most cases.

This was the second recall attempt targeting Gascon. With crime on the rise in Los Angeles, citizens and many on the right have accused Gascon of evading harsh punishment for offenders. At one point, the Los Angeles County Sheriff bypassed local prosecutors and went straight to federal officials to seek escalation over the gang robbery and murder of an LAPD officer.

Gascon’s record also often became fodder on Fox News and other conservative-leaning outlets.

first in february: Facing a rising tide of outrage and a recall effort over a growing crime wave in Los Angeles County, District Attorney George Gascon is revising his approach—but with opposition to the death penalty in mind.

Gascon on Friday issued a memorandum calling for life imprisonment to its employees and registration of cases against juvenile offenders in adult court.

A new committee will review motions filed by prosecutors seeking to shift cases involving minors accused of murder, violent sexual assault and other serious crimes out of the juvenile department and into adult court.

Additionally, special enhancements are back for felony charges. Enhancements may add additional sentences on certain offences. According to the new policy, prosecutors can seek a maximum sentence of life without the possibility of parole “where it is believed that such filing is justified”.

Gascon’s memo indicated that he would maintain his “no death penalty” stance and was still committed to ending mass confinement. However, “after hearing from the community, victims and co-workers, I understand that there may be rare occasions where it may be necessary to file special circumstances charges.”

Gascon faces his second recall attempt. Crime is on the rise in Los Angeles and citizens accuse Gascon of avoiding harsher sentences that could lessen it. The Los Angeles County Sheriff recently bypassed local prosecutors and went directly to federal officials to seek escalation over the gang robbery and murder of an LAPD officer.

Critics argue that the new Gascon policies are mere lipstick on a pig, with one calling it the “smoke screen”, as Gascon supporters will still be calling the shots.

The Gascon recall movement is similar in San Francisco, where a recall is underway for District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

City News Service contributed to this report.