Gaspar Noé On Directing ‘Vortex’ And Dario Argento – Specialty Box Office

Cyclone — which opened for a full house at NYC’s IFC Center this weekend — is an unusual star, dario argentina, Here’s how film assistant Gaspar Noe convinced the iconic Italian horror film director for his first lead acting role.

“There were three reasons” he said yes, Noe told Deadline. “The first one, he said, because you’re my friend and I love your movies.” [Noe has known Argento for 30 years and is friendly with his daughter, Asia Argento.] “Second and third, because I told him I wouldn’t give him a line to learn. So that he can improve his dialogue. He could have invented his character on his own. I said, ‘I’ll just handle the camera and the editing. So you will direct your part, and I will direct my part.'” In fact, the screenplay he showed to Argentine was only ten pages long.

Cyclone Follows an elderly couple in distress. Argentine plays a writer and film critic with a heart condition; His wife, played by famed French actress François LeBrun, is a retired psychiatrist who succumbs to dementia, a condition that Noé’s mother suffered at the end of her life. Cyclone A departure for Paris-based Argentine Nou, known for its edgy jerky (Invariant, enter null, Flourishing, “It’s a realistic film,” he said. “There’s a real sweetness to it.”

Argent has 14 on-screen credits in a 50-year filmmaking career, but most are works that either went uncredited, had a voice-over in one of his own films, or had a small cameo. Cyclonewhich debuted at Cannes and NYFF, is her first full on-screen debut. Suspiria The director was surprised “when I told him it was about an older couple,” Noe said, “he thought it was going to be a horror movie.”

“He’s so charismatic. I was sure he’d be good, but I wasn’t sure he’d accept.

Utopia grossed $17,057. IFC’s top performer. Ironically, the crowd was young. Noe’s films tend to slant youth. So usually the distributor Utopia (Shiva baby, we’re all going to the world’s fair, the horror of the sixties) and they filled six sold-out shows with director Q&A. Cyclone Regal will hit major markets next weekend across at least 50 screens, including AMC, Landmark and other arthouses.

Other special openings this weekend:

IFC Midnights hatching, Hannah Bergholm’s Finnish-language debut, grossed $140,000 on 186 screens (exclusively theatrical through May 17) for a per theater average of $753. The favorite of the 2022 Sundance Film Festival Midnight section had strong reviews and is 91% certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

Fiddler’s Journey to the Big ScreenIn Association with Kino Lorber from Zeitgeist Films, one screen grossed an estimated $6,318 in the weekend. This Venus-Saturn qom was $5,318.

hello bookstore NYC’s film forum, Greenwich Entertainment, grossed $6,000 on a single screen. The film tells the story of a beloved small town bookstore and its charismatic owner who is struggling to survive the pandemic. The film expands to theatrical for 60 days exclusively on LA May 13.

firebird From Roadside Attraction earned an estimated $615 per screen average of $55,310 on 90 screens.

Duke Sony Pictures Classics grossed $122,607 on 57 screens in Week 2 (up from Week 4 last) for a per-screen average of $2,151 and a cumm of $162,181. The picture opened last weekend in a deal with the Angelica Film Center that offered patrons a week-long one-for-one free ticket. Lamley Theaters launched the so-called Bring a Friend Back to the Movies initiative this week at Pasadena Playhouse 7 and Encino Town Center 5, and May 6 in Claremont, Monica Film Center and Newhall. SPC said the idea is to help bring the elusive old audience back to theaters, with the expected lift of course. Downtown Abbey: A New Era Later in May.

Also, with the increasing focus on Indian film since RRR, comScore offered a weekend roundup:

prime media Teacher The weekend opened at $1.412 million in 396 locations for a strong PTA of $3,567.

Yash Raj Films opening Way 34 to $330k in 350 locations for a PTA of $943.

hamsini open Kathuvakula Rendu Kadhali $270,000 starting in 184 locations for a PTA of $1,467.

viva entertainment open Heropanti 2 Up to $115k in 280 locations.