Gauri Pradhan On Her Film ‘A Winter Tale At Shimla’: “It’s Not A Usual Love Story…”

Filmmakers Yogesh Varma and Gauri Pradhan promoted their upcoming film “A Winter’s Tale at Shimla” in Delhi, releasing on May 12, 2023

“They say, you don’t take shots (in films)…. You make a shot” – A Corporate Appreciation Filmmaker, director and producer Yogesh Verma launched the film poster and trailer of his directorial venture “A Winter’s Tale at Shimla” featuring a stellar cast – Gauri Pradhan and Indraneil Sengupta Interesting ensemble cast. Deepraj Rana, Rituraj Singh, Niharika Choukse, Angad Ohri, Ishita Shah, Karamveer Chowdhary, Manu Malik, Ram Awana, Dr. SK Tyagi, Dhruv Chugh, Deepak Adhar. Actress Nikita Chopra is also debuting with this film.

Yogesh Verma’s ‘A Winter’s Tale at Shimla’ is born out of his interesting life journey. His narration blends vintage and modern allegory as he crafts a tale of classic love.

Yogesh Verma, a widely acclaimed actor from the world of theater, chose a unique idea for his film debut, and he calls it ‘an honest attempt to bring back the old classic romance that may have died down somewhere in the time of modern love. Has gone’.

Growing up as a writer and filmmaker, Yogesh aims to create films that highlight the indomitable human spirit at the confluence of business and commerce, new urban landscapes, science and technology and the changing dynamics of geopolitics. They feel that these offer limitless possibilities for various aspects of human dilemmas.

BITS Pilani alumni are post graduate electronics engineers. An actor by passion in his youth days, Varma wanted to pursue a career as an actor, however, family responsibilities overpowered him and his passion took a back seat. Now leaving behind a forty year successful management career as the head of prestigious corporates in India, Yogesh Verma is now exploring his passion for filmmaking and calls the film, “his project though driven by personal passion”. is inspired, intelligently crafted to engage a wide audience, young and old, and presented with the best of cinematic values ​​and entertaining elements”

Watch the trailer here:

Yogesh Verma says, “I know my film may not have the biggest stars, but I know they are the most talented. All of them have had a beautiful run in the entertainment industry. Gauri is extremely talented, even That even while writing the script, I could only think of Gauri playing the protagonist. Apart from the stars, I had an experienced team who have worked in the industry for more than 30 years.”

Gauri Pradhan says, “A Winter’s Tale at Shimla is no ordinary love story. I am glad that strong and meaningful roles are being written for female actors now. It’s a great time for actresses”

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