Gavin Newsom Says He’s “Very Worried” About WGA Strike, Says His Office Will Intervene “When Called In By Both Sides”

governor of california gavin newsom said he was “very concerned” about wga strike, warning that “every one of us will be affected by this.”

At the Milken Institute conference on Tuesday, Newsom also raised the possibility of his office joining the conversation at some point.

“We are not unfamiliar with labor issues, and we will intervene when called for by both sides, to the extent both sides are willing and interested,” he said.

The governor said the work shutdown has “deepening direct and indirect consequences. Every one of us will be affected by this, and we are very concerned about what is happening as both sides are dug in. The stakes are high.

Newsom said he was “sensitive to the writers’ concerns on this, what streaming is doing, what the next conversation with AI is doing in this space. It’s a very real and existential moment and I sincerely hope that We cannot extend it beyond 100 days of the last strike, but it cannot extend it beyond a few weeks.

more to come.