Girl Turns Neha Kakkar To Prank Domino’s While Placing Order, Executive’s Reaction Was A Total Bummer – Watch!

Girl disguises as Neha Kakkar prank calls a pizza outlet in singer’s voice in hilarious video – watch (Photo Credits-Instagram)

Bollywood playback singer Neha Kakkar is known for her songs like ‘Second Hand Jawaani’, ‘Sunny Sunny’, ‘Kar Gayi Chul’, ‘Kaala Chashma’ and many more. However, now his lookalike is making headlines on social media after his video went viral.

In the viral video, a woman is dressed as a ‘Dilbar’ singer. Kakkar and orders pizza from Domino’s, but not in the way you’d imagine. He orders a pizza with ‘Extra Cheese’ while singing one of his songs but there’s a twist. Scroll down to know more.

When the Domino’s executive introduced herself and asked for her order, the woman in Neha Kakkar’s disguise replied, “Tumko order prasad hai, majko ne mujhe pizza order kariya hai.” To this the executive says, ‘Hello ma’am.’ The woman then sings another parody song, which goes like this, “Arre bola maine baar baar baar baar, mujhko pizza dede yaar yaar yaar.”

The pizza executive then asks what kind of pizza she wants, and she musically replies, “O pizza de de mujhko pizza… O woh pizza kaisa pizza jismeen extra cheese na ho. Give me such a pizza, at least a little thing in my body. Watch the hilarious video below:

Ever since the video was shared on Instagram, it has been viewed close to 52,500 times. It has also received over 6,300 likes and several comments. One user commented, ‘Meanwhile I’m practicing 100 times before calling Domino’s: I’m calling from here and I want pizza. Then on call: I am a pizza,” while another user wrote, “And your notes hit just like Neha Kakkar.”

A third user then commented, “We want more of these!”

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