Girls Hostel 3.0 Review: TVF Spark Goes Missing From A Show That Is Confused About Its Own Intent

Girls Hostel 3.0 Review Out (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Girls Hostel 3.0 Review: Star Rating:

Throw: Ehsaas Channa, Srishti Srivastava, Parul Gulati, Simran Natekar, Shreya Mehta, Tanvi Lehar Sonigra and an ensemble cast.

creator: Shreyasi Sharma.

the director: Hanish D Kalia.

Streaming On: Sony Liv.

Language: Hindi.

runtime: 5 episodes of approximately 30 minutes each.

Girls Hostel 3.0 Review Out (Photo Credits – Still Show)

Girls Hostel 3.0 Review: What it’s about:

Taking the story of a girls hostel of a medical institute, this time the girls also have to deal with the problem of inclusion and struggle to get basic facilities.

Girls Hostel 3.0 Review: What Works:

Girls Hostel came about in 2018 at a time when content in the Indian space was witnessing a paradigm shift. Let no one forget, in addition to the top-notch drama and thrills in Sacred Games, it was tvf Who were presenting content close to our lives and winning hearts. From the same mill came a show that talked about female friendship setting them in a brutal setup. A hostel is no less than a prison where every inmate has to fight through tough conditions to get anything.

Season 3 or 3.0 as the makers call it, takes the story forward but also tries to branch it out. So everyone has moved ahead a year and the juniors are now ready to welcome the freshers in this complex eco-system. Written by Anuya Jakatdar, Alka Shukla, and Shreyasi Sharma, now that you know enough about these characters, where do they go from here? So the team now tries to introduce a more personal conflict and demonstrate how the reaction builds around it. For this, they choose inclusivity because they introduce a gender-fluid character. Their intention is honest and noble. Although the implementation…

However, the way the team has decided to handle Srishti Srivastava’s Jo is commendable. She was always a misfit and to overcome it she covered herself with complete flamboyance and ‘don’t mess with my attitude’. But inside that tough shell there was always a girl who wanted to stand up for herself. This time the show acknowledges her inner battle as she makes a life decision that changes the course of the entire show in a way.

Girls Hostel 3.0 Review Out (Photo Credits – Still Show)

Girls Hostel 3.0 Review: Star Performance:

Tanvi Lehar Sonigra is the best thing about the series this time as she is expected to do a lot of heavy lifting, and she does it well. The casting holds true in terms of inclusion and value as well. Next in line is Srishti Srivastava who plays Jo, the character who in a way embodies the show. She has gone through hell in place and prepares the rest for what is to come. What happens when she says enough is enough and chooses to walk away? This is a great angle to explore.

Everyone else plays their part as the script allows them to do their job well. And some of the characters are even borderline caricatures. One character deals with social media but is just funny without making any relevant point. Two characters fighting over irrelevant things that lead nowhere.

Girls Hostel 3.0 Review: What Doesn’t Work:

The biggest problem with Girls Hostel 3.0 is that it refuses to grow vertically and thus makes no tangible progress. This is also a result of the extreme lack of TVF that we now expect from a show that had a good two seasons. While there’s a new conflict at hand, the show is divided between focusing on that and taking the recurring characters’ storylines forward. But this dilemma ends by doing neither. Both ends seem incomplete and no purpose is achieved.

Blame it on the short runtime as well, as it probably doesn’t allow the constructors to detect conflicts as well as they should. Problems enter the life of the parts and are eliminated in no time. The whole conversation around inclusivity is good and important, but what purpose does it serve if it looks like just another Twitter thread, the only difference being that people are actually reading those tweets. Except Jo’s part, no other emotional journey manages to hook us as an audience.

Plus, the last two seasons gave these girls a three-dimensional world to breathe somewhere. They have families who dropped them off at the institute and the hostel. But now it looks like the makers have completely forgotten that he has people who care about him. If not all, then at least half. There is no mention of any family for any of the characters and it makes me think why have we invested in the angle over the past two seasons? This is not the TVF content that we all love.

Girls Hostel 3.0 Review: Final Word:

Girls Hostel 3.0 doesn’t take things a step further and doesn’t explore things too deeply. Watch it without any expectation.

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