GLAAD Praises Inclusive Broadway Season And Tony Awards

" data-tag="gladd">gladeProminent LGBTQ media watchdog group, praised Broadway and last night Tony Award To tell “stories about the lives of LGBTQ people…”

“with a strange loop, Michael R. Jackson put black, queer stories center stage and was beyond proud to be an investor in helping GLAAD bring this incredible and unprecedented production to Broadway,” the organization said in a statement released this morning. ,A strange loop, company, And take me out Showcase the outstanding work of many LGBTQ artists and tell important stories about the depth, nuance, and humanity of LGBTQ people’s lives. Yeh Productions winning top honors This year’s Tony Awards are an important reminder that our stories matter and deserve recognition. With record numbers of anti-LGBTQ bills popping up across the country today, it is more important than ever to create and reward authentic and deeply affecting stories. ,

A strange loop, company, And take me out Last night combined nine top awards, including Best Music (a weird loop), Best Revival of a Musical (company) and Best Revival of a Drama (take me out) All three productions also won various acting awards and creative arts awards.

Not mentioned by GLAAD, but worthy of inclusion was the Best Featured Actress win for her role in Phylicia Rashad’s play skeleton crew, In the play, Rashad plays a gay factory worker whose love affair with a late female co-worker becomes a key factor in the development of the characters and plot.