Golden Globes Return To NBC “Not A Done Deal”

report of golden globes at the resurrection NBC May be ahead of time.

1 January 2023 broadcast of Hollywood Foreign Press AssociationAccording to a well-organized source, the organized shindig is “not a perfect deal”. While talks have been going on for a long time between the Globes broadcaster and Led by Helen Hohen HFPATo date, no final agreement has been reached. Among the sticking points is the timing of the potential 2023 Globes on NBC, with a number of dates floating around things like NFL games. Perhaps more telling is concern about the backlash for the Globes return and Reforms enacted by HFPA To get back in the good graces of Hollywood.

The two-page letter sent on Monday to various stakeholders, including distributors and campaigners, said: “The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has responded to the call for change by restructuring the organization to address institutional and systemic concerns.” However, for all of its claims of change – as well as meetings with representatives of Blacks, Latinx, Asians, AAPIs, Native Americans, people with disabilities, and LGBTQIA+ populations throughout the industry – the HFPA did offer some specifics with which it would significantly Contacted and when.

The letter cited HFPA president Hohen, interim CEO Todd Boehli. Chief Diversity Officer Neil Phillips and other non-members and member directors.

Several Tinseltown veterans have requested a mass virtual meeting with HFPA leadership and Bohli to seek clarification on the organization’s reforms and future plans, we hear. But none of them have received a response to that request, we are told.

Meanwhile, the HFPA has also paid little attention to its accreditation process. While the HFPA has added just over 20 new members over the past year or two, much of its membership remains unsubscribed, as the organization found itself in the spotlight of a scandal. That Dada’s membership still comes mainly from smaller outlets and from publications and blogs. There is also the complexity of membership fair and voting members.

Then there’s the issue of the star-power-hungry Globes really getting A-listers on stage. The concern for Comcast-owned NBC is whether top-level publicists will deliver marquee talent to the Globes.

An awards strategist told Deadline this afternoon: “The problem is not that the HFPA has a history of voting for a diverse line-up of nominees, the problem is that the organization is not being transparent and former members are still There. There has been no turnover.”

NBC did not comment about a potential 2023 return to the Golden Globes when contacted today by Deadline. The HFPA did not respond to Deadline’s request for comment today.

In September 2018, the network signed an eight-year contract To air the Golden Globes until 2026, continuing the 23-year tradition. It is estimated that under the current deal, NBC is paying approximately $60 million per year to air the ceremony, which traditionally begins with awards-season years.

Of course, it’s been a year-plus turmoil for the besieged HFPA and its signature trophy show, which has been mired in controversy for decades. HFPA launched in February 2021, just before the 78th Globe Ceremony Criticizing the lack of diversity in your ranks, Poor group response followed by more reaction opening statement About It During the Virtual 2021 Globes and Beyond Planning for “Transformational Change”.

HFPA President Hohen and others in the organization have been in a lucrative offensive over the past several months, talking to industry groups, power players and others to convince them of the reforms the organization has made.

Eric Pedersen contributed to this report.