Grey’s Anatomy Star Sandra Oh Reveals Fame Impacted Her Health: “My Whole Body Was Very, Very Sick”

Grey’s Anatomy star Sandra Oh how fame affected her health (Photo Credits: Instagram, Poster)

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Sandra Oh has revealed that fame had a detrimental effect on her health.

She shared: “My life changed a lot when ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ came out. And it’s hard to imagine, because it was almost 20 years ago, so the context is very different, but the tension is the same, or the confusion is one. It is.”

sandra oh joined performance in 2005, as reports, and she remembered how it changed her life.

She told Variety: “I think my whole body was very sick. Even if you keep working out, right? It’s like, ‘Oh, I can’t sleep. Oh, my back hurts. I don’t Know what’s wrong with my skin. I learned that I have to take care of my health first.

“But it’s not just your body, isn’t it? That’s your soul. It’s definitely your mind. You know what I mean? Because you can’t ultimately depend on anyone else. You have to put it on yourself somehow.” Have to search within.”

turning red The actress feels that her work is actually more demanding than some people think.

She said: “Our job is not just shooting; This is a very enjoyable part of our work. We get to sit and chat, but it’s a full day’s work. And it’s a certain kind of output that can decrease.

“And now, as I get deeper into my career, I find the more time I want to spend with my creative self: that can sleep, that can walk in the woods, that can meditate, which can really I might go to class, all those things could happen.”

In the meantime, fans of Sandra Oh have wished the actress would return to Grey’s Anatomy. It also stars the show’s actor Kevin McKidd, who has previously said that he would love to have the actress back on the show.

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