Guru Randhawa’s ‘Man Of The Moon’ Audio Album Released; Singer Says …

Bhushan Kumar and Guru Randhawa release the audio of the much-awaited album ‘Man Of The Moon’ (Photo Credits – Man Of The Moon Poster)

Guru Randhawa released the audio track of his debut album ‘Man of the Moon’ with Bhushan Kumar. Taking fans to the moon, the album includes 7 tracks including Signs, Fake Love, Tera Ki Khayal, Rona Rona, Fayah Fayyah, Moon Rise and Black Raat.

This pop sensation brings a modernist and fresh vibe to the album as he collaborates with Sanjay, Amar Sandhu, V and Ikka Singh. The complete tracklist is a perfect fit for all moods, with each song having a new flavor and sound.

Speaking on this grand project, Bhushan Kumar, Managing Director and Chairman, T-Series says, “Working with a person who is passionate about his art is always an amazing experience and Guru is one of those people. Huh. His passion for music is unparalleled and with Man of the Moon, he has certainly proved that he is a singer and an outstanding artist. With this album, we aim to offer the audience an exclusive club of genres including romantic, peppy, love ballads and much more. The soundscape of the songs has a global reach and we are positive that it will top all the music charts around the world.

Adding to this, Guru Randhawa says, “Man of the Moon is special because I have not only dedicated a year to this album, but also put in a lot of hard work, research and I have given it my all. When Bhushanji and I Discussed this album, the way we both tickled each other with concepts, compositions and ideas at the same time it was decided that it would definitely be a hit. This is my biggest project till date and We’ve catered to a global audience with Man of the Moon. The audio of all 7 tracks on the album has been released today and it’s definitely going to be a blast!”

Man of the Moon is surely a treat for the audience with its cosmopolitan soundscape and soulful tunes. Now the only question is when will we get to see our favorite singer in the video of these songs?

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