Hailey Bieber Is Summer Ready With Stringy Bikini Bottoms & White Wet Top, Raises Hotness Amid The Scorching Heat

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Hailey Bieber soaks in the summer heat in a white wet tee and string bikini bottoms — photos inside! (pic credit: Instagram)

While people in India are preparing for the monsoon, Americans are getting their summer wardrobe out to enjoy the summer. And supermodel Hailey Bieber is one of them. The 26-year-old – who is more active than ever on her social media space recently revealed just how ready she is for summer.

Hailey – who has 49.5 million followers on Instagram, took to the photo-sharing platform a while back and posted several new pictures and a video of them enjoying the sun and sea. Scroll down to check out her post and know how she nailed the look.

Captioned, “All I know is, I’m about to have the best summer of my life. 🥛” Hailey Bieber’s recent post included four images of her slayer self in a bikini bottom and wet white top. While the first two pictures show her striking poses while being clicked by the camera, the third has Hailey sitting on top of a surfboard and smiling widely, while in the next she is lying on a surfboard in the middle of the water. The video shows her taking care of her skin as she applies some sunscreen to protect herself from the harmful UV rays.

Talking about Hailey Bieber’s outfit for a seaside stroll, the supermodel asked ‘Got milk?’ Opted for a white tee with text. Printed in a small black font. While the white top (from Big Dairy) is cool enough to help the oldies cool off during the summer, Hailey wet boated it to make sure she didn’t feel the heat. The damp, roll-up material showed off her toned abs and left her maroon bikini bottoms on display for the world to see.

The pictures uploaded on ‘Chane’ leave little to the imagination as the wet top underlines her maroon complexion Bikini Above. Rocking wet hair, the model wore gold heart-shaped earrings and chose a no make up Look

Check Out Hailey Bieber’s Summer Ready Post Here:

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