Hakan Kurtaş in the series Father / Baba | Turkish Series: Teammy

zge Yağız and hakan kurta

Famous Turkish actors Hakan Kurtash, Haluk Bilginer and Tolga Saritas join the cast of the series Father / Baba starring. The series is filmed by Ay Yapim for Show TV.

Haluk Bilginer, winner of the Emmy International Award and a nominee for this prestigious award Tolga Sarita Father and son will play. Their large family, the Saruhanali, are going through a tragedy after a horrific plane crash. Emin Saruhanli (Khalyuk Bilginer) hasn’t spoken to his brother Mehmet Ali for many years. However, the plane crash in which his brother was involved was the beginning of a completely new life for Emin. Emin’s partner, Ilhan (Hakan Kurtas), will struggle to save his wealth by becoming close to Emin’s daughter Busra (Ozge Yaz), who has returned to her father’s home after divorcing her husband. The series is to premiere in February.