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Sang e Mah was a powerful drama. It had all the ingredients to keep the audience hooked. Marking the television debut of Atif Aslam and with very strong performances by Noman Ijaz, Sania Saeed, Samia Mumtaz, Haniya Amir, Kubra Khan, Hassan Noman, Omair Rana and Zaviar Noman Ijaz, Sang E Mah created an audience for itself And ran as well and ended on a very strong note.

The play ends with Haji Marjan and Jarsanga committing suicide. Although the ending was very strong, it was also very unexpected and many people were not happy with it as they felt that such strong characters should not be shown committing suicide and it aimed to show Jargan and Haji Marjan as larger than life defeated. powerful people. The suicide was not actually shown but was symbolized by death through two white shrouds hanging on the ceiling. Yet the inclusion of the scene has been the subject of much controversy and debate.

Haniya Amir's take on the controversial suicide scene of Sang Ae Mah

Haniya Amir, who was a part of that project, was recently asked on BBC Urdu if she supported the scene and said she was against it. Haniya further revealed that she had left a project earlier because of a suicide scene and she does not support showing it on television.

Haniya Amir's take on the controversial suicide scene of Sang Ae Mah

This is what Haniya had to say: