Happu Ki Ultan Paltan: Yogesh Tripathi’s Cynophobic Happu Singh Gets A Furry Friend In The Show – Deets Inside

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Sinophobic Happu Singh finds a dear friend in ‘Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’ (Photo Credits: IANS)

The television show Happu Ki Ultan Paltan will see the entry of a new character as Daroga Happu Singh (played by Yogesh Tripathi) will be thrown into a web of trouble when an unexpected guest of honor barges into his humble home.

In the fun track, his character Happu suffers from cynophobia, a fear of dogs due to his past encounters. The commissioner (Kishore Bhanushali) plans a vacation and assigns his mischievous pet dog Raju to look after Happu. Happu, Katori Amma (Himani Shivpuri), and Kate (Ghazel Sood).

Yogesh Tripathi said: “Happu requests Benny (Vishwanath Chatterjee) to put Raju in his place. But Bimlesh (Sapna Sikarwar) refuses. So Happu has no option but to take care of Raju. In no time, Hrithik (Aryan Prajapati), Chamchi (Zara Warsi), and Ranbir (Saumya Azad) fall in love with Raju and cannot bear to say goodbye to the commissioner when he returns from his trip. They hatch a cunning plan to get Raju Hide it and hand it over to a kind beggar for safekeeping.

Meanwhile, the commissioner will be seen demanding to know the whereabouts of Raju. Happu, who is completely clueless about Raju’s disappearance, has to face the wrath of the commissioner.

The actor further added: “To teach Happu Singh a lesson, the commissioner decides to make him his pet dog till Raju is found.”

Sharing his experience of shooting for the new track, Happu Singh actor Yogesh said: “Being a dog lover, I was shooting with this adorable bundle of joy. He is the best co-star I have ever had! (Laughs) Raju is a superstar in his own right, incredibly cute and impeccably trained. Shooting with Raju was a blast, with both challenges and sheer joy. We left no stone unturned in planning each scene, and we even had a dog trainer on our team to ensure Raju’s perfect performance. She was treated like royalty on the sets! We showered Raju with love and care, making him one of the most cherished members of our crew.

“To beat the scorching heat, he had his own air-conditioned room. Our directors and kids went gaga over them, took countless pictures and made tons of hilarious reels. Shooting with pets is always a blast, and I can be so happy to have found a wonderfully furry companion in Raju. The joy and laughter he brought on the sets was beyond words. So, get ready for non-stop laughter and mischief as Happu embarks on a hilarious adventure to find his best friend and escape the plight of his dog. Tune in to find out and get those funny bones ready for a riotous ride”, he added.

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan airs every Monday to Friday on &TV.

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