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    Happy birthday Jimin: MOST expensive things owned by the BTS singer and songwriter | Bollywood Life

    BTS member Jimin turns one year old today (October 13) and is one of the popular singers and songwriters of the South Korean group. This young 26-year-old boy has a long list of expensive things that he owns. Jimin’s net worth is reportedly said to be $20 million. Also read- bts army, are you a gemin bias? Take this fun quiz!

    Jimin’s earrings come from a variety of sources including sold-out concerts, commercials, hit albums, stocks in stock, songs running at the top of the charts, special appearances at multiple shows, and more. According to reports, the BTS singer wore an outfit worth Rs 1,65,676 for the live stream. His shirt jacket cost $1,450, and his Gucci slippers cost $790. Also read- Happy Birthday Jimin: From banner to stadium turning purple, here’s how ARMY is celebrating BTS cobbler’s special day in Seoul, India and other countries

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    In addition, he wore a Saint Laurent bomber jacket to the AMAs in 2017, which cost around $4223. She wore a black suede jacket for the $5754 Billboard cover photoshoot.

    Gemini is often praised for his quirky style and impeccable fashion sense. He manages to grab the attention of the people with his killer look. Jimin believes in investing money in properties and has bought an apartment in Nine One Hannam, South Korea, worth $5.7 million. He also has another flat which is worth $3.9 million.

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    Recently, BTS Indian fans collected over ₹1.5 lakh to donate to a cause ahead of Jimin’s birthday. According to Hindustan Times, Indian fans of BTS said, “We donate to a cause every year for members’ birthdays. It has become a tradition for us. We try to support new causes every time. And also try to choose reasons that resonate with us based on what is happening around us or what we think would be a good project to take.

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