Harry Colomby Dies: Former Manager And Business Partner To Michael Keaton Was 92

Actor’s former manager and business partner Michael Keaton, harry columby Has died at the age of 92. Colby passed away on December 25, 2021.

Bobby Colomby, drummer for Blood Sweat and Tears, and Harry’s brother confirmed his death from multiple sources. In addition, Harry was hospitalized five years after having fractured his pelvis due to a fall.

ketones And Colby first met in the 1970s when the actor was working in stand-up comedy. “He saw something in Keaton that was amazing,” said his brother. “He looked at his career for a long time and knew he had more than just a few jokes.”

From their first connection, the two acted in several films and shows, which Colombi wrote and/or produced. hard working, report to murphy, Mr. Momo, Johnny Dangerously, close case, squeeze, a good soldier, And being silenced,

On Instagram, keton commented, “My former MGR/biz partner and above all, friend, The Great Harry Columby has moved on. Unlike most of the matches, we thought the same, felt the same and laughed at the same things. He was kind, curious, thoughtful and man, was he funny. Forget “was”. He is still there for me. I loved him and so did everyone who met him.”

In addition to his brother, Harry Colombe is survived by his wife, Lee, and son, Scott.