‘Harry Potter’ 20th Anniversary: Emma Watson & Oliver Phelps Editing Errors Magically Corrected

hbo max has magically released the updated version of harry potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts Editing errors were found after the original downgrade. picture of a young Emma Roberts was used by mistake and was labeled as Emma Watson, And Oliver Phelps He was misidentified as his identical twin brother, James.

“well spotted Harry grandsonr fans! You brought to our attention an editing mistake of a mislabeled photo. The new version has arrived now,” the producers said in a statement regarding Emma Flub. The identity of Phelps, which was flagged by Oliver via Instagram, has also been corrected.

Phelps, who portrayed tricksters George (Oliver) and Fred (James) Weasley alongside his brother, “I think after all those pranks over the years someone decided to get their revenge. It was wonderful to be part of the HP reunion.” ” , captioned the screenshot of the error.

their costar tom felton, who played Slytherin star Draco Malfoy harry potter The films jokingly took responsibility for the hijinks in the comments.

“It was my job,” he wrote with the emoji showing a snake (Slytherin) bigger than a lion (Gryffindor).

Added fellow costar Matthew Lewis, “It’s legit hilarious. Boy. WTF? Haha.”

It is unknown how a photograph of Roberts as a child in the special ended. Nancy Drew The star, who often posts pictures of her younger years to Instagram, shared a shot of herself wearing Mickey Mouse ears in 2012.

, a new version of Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts Currently available to stream on HBO Max.