Harry Potter Star Jim Broadbent Supports JK Rowling, Vows To Confront Critics Over Trans Issues: “I Would Support Her In That”

‘Harry Potter’ star supports JK Rowling, vows to confront critics on trans issues (Photo Credits – Facebook; Movie Still)

‘Harry Potter’ author JK Rowling has found support from actor Jim Broadbent, 73, as he vowed to confront her critics “if it came to that”.

The Oscar-winning actor, who played Horace Slughorn in three film adaptations of the famous book series, also said the abuse meted out to JK, 57, was “really sad”, reports mirror.co.uk.

His comments came after it was revealed there would be an entirely new Harry Potter TV series, with many already vowing to boycott it. In response to the backlash, Rowling tweeted: “Horrible news, which I feel duty bound to share. Activists are trying to stage another boycott of my work, this time the Harry Potter TV show. As already Having been forewarned, I have taken the precaution of keeping a large stock of Champagne.

Speaking in an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Broadbent was asked about her opinion on Rowling and the backlash she has received because of her position on the single-sex space, trans rights and gender.

He was quoted as saying by mirror.uk.com, ‘It’s really sad. I think JK Rowling is amazing. I myself have not encountered this, but I would support him in this, I think, if it came to the fore.

Many avid Harry Potter fans have rejected the idea of ​​turning the world famous book and film franchise into a TV series after the main cast distanced themselves from Rowling following her controversial views about the LGBTQ+ community.

Mirror.co.uk further states that her controversial views on transgender people and gender identity caused widespread outrage during the height of the pandemic, as she used the word ‘menstruating people’ in place of ‘women’ in a tweet Was.

Following the outburst, Rowling wrote a lengthy essay on her website stating her position on trans issues, based on her belief that biological sex should be treated as separate from gender.

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