Harry Styles Getting Termed As The New ‘King Of Pop’ On His Magazine Cover Upsets Michael Jackson’s Family: “You Don’t Owe The Title, You Didn’t Earn It”

Michael Jackson’s nephew reacts to calling Harry Styles the new ‘King of Pop’ (Photo Credits-Facebook)

Harry Styles was called the ‘King of Pop’ on his recent magazine cover and it didn’t go down well with Michael Jackson’s family. For the Unversed, it was MJ who was crowned with the title for his contribution to the pop music genre. Even after his death, Jackson is celebrated and said the same.

The history behind the title dates back to 1989 when the Thriller singer was called the “true king of pop, rock and soul” by famed actress Elizabeth Taylor. After that, he adopted the name and lived up to it.

Even after his death, fans of Michael Jackson refer to him by the same title, which is probably why his nephew, Taj Jackson, is not happy with Harry Styles being named the new “King of Pop”. The As It Was singer was featured on the cover of the Rolling Stones and has opened up about a number of things, including the “toxic negativity” surrounding his relationship with Olivia Wilde.

The magazine cover featured Harry Styles topless in a pair of pink shorts and a chic oversize white fur coat. The headline read, ‘How the new king of pop set the music world on fire.’ Responding to this, Michael Jackson’s nephew Taj said on Twitter, “There is no new king of pop. You don’t own the title @RollingStone.”

“You didn’t earn it, my uncle did. Decades of dedication and sacrifice. The title is retired. No disrespect to @Harry_Styles, he’s mega talented. Give him your unique title,” the tweet continued.

Many fans reacted to this and many also agreed with Taj. Check out some of the responses here:

One fan said, “There will never be a new king of pop Michael Jackson will hold that title forever.”

“I’m a big fan of Harry Styles, but no. He’s not the new king of pop. There’s no new king of pop,” wrote another.

One netizen said, “He is right and he has every right to be upset. He is not cursing.” To troubleThat’s really giving him recognition for having his title.”

Another joked, “I think he meant pop princess, that was clearly a mistake.”

what are your thoughts Harry Styles Who is being called the new king of pop? Do you agree with Michael Jackson’s nephew? Share with us through comments.

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