Has Ranbir become joru ka ghulam after marriage with Alia? Neetu opens up on her equation with beta-bahu

Neetu Kapoor is very happy to see her son Ranbir Kapoor As a Married Man and Finding a Loving Partner Alia Bhatt, His happiness is unmatched. He is often asked about his equation with his daughter-in-law and his son. Neetu shared that ‘if you balance your love for your mother and your wife, it is always good’ adding that the problem arises when your son becomes a slave of Joru after marriage . Also read- Trending Entertainment News Today: Neetu Kapoor reveals whether Ranbir Kapoor has become ‘Joru Ka Ghulam’ after marrying Alia Bhatt; The Bollywood bombshell is hiding her pregnancy and more

Speaking about the kind of equation she had with Alia, Neetu told The Indian Express, “People asked me how my relationship with Alia would be, and it would be the same as it was for me and my mother-in-law. Alia There is a beautiful person. He is a beautiful, simple, corrupt person. So, I think the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is the husband’s fault. Because you love your mother very much, and when you become the slave of Joru Jaate ho na, then mother has a problem. If you balance your love for your mother and your wife, it is always good. She will love you more. When you become too much of your wife Yes, then mother seems… (laughs).” Also read- Pathan Star Shah Rukh Khan, Shamshera Actor Ranbir Kapoor And Other Bollywood Celebs Who Are Famous For Being ‘Late Lateef’

When Neetu was further asked about Ranbir if she thinks that her son is now married, she said, “I can’t realize it because my son is a very intelligent person, he can balance his love.” He doesn’t go at all ‘Mom Mom Mom,’ He can call me once in five days and ask, ‘Aap thik ho nah?’. That’s enough for him to ask me.” Also read- Shamshera: Ranbir Kapoor charged Rs 20 crore for the film? Checkout the full star cast fees; you will be amazed

Talking about her equation with Ranbir, Neetu said that ‘whenever I have a problem, I either call my mother-in-law or I call Ranbir’ because if something bothers her from within. If she feels heavy inside, then she needs to tell someone.

Neetu was asked if she gives any matrimonial advice to Ranbir and Alia, she said, “These days, you can give advice to anyone, they all come to khoj ke aapte. They will teach you, no one is your point.” Hears. Better to stay away from giving advice.”

Ranbir and Alia tied the knot on April 14 after dating for 5 years. Their love story began on the sets of their much awaited film brahmastra,

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