Hawkeye Review (Episode 5): Emotions Peak & Florence Pugh Makes Sure She Lightens The Mood With Her Charm Making It The Best Episode So Far

Hawkeye Review (episode 5) ft. Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Florence Pugh and Alaqua Cox (Photo Credits: Marvel Studios / Facebook)

Hawkeye Review (Episode 5) : Star Rating:4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Mold: Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Vera Farmiga, Tony Dalton, Fra Fei, Alaqua Cox, Florence Pughe and dress.

creator: Jonathan Igla.

the director: Burt and Bertie.

Streaming on: Disney+

Language: English (with subtitles)

Runtime: About 50 minutes in each episode.

Hawkeye Review (Episode 5) Out!
Hawkeye Review (episode 5) ft. Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Florence Pugh and Alaqua Cox

Hawkeye Review (Episode 5): What it’s about:

Clint Barton, who has decided to be with his family this Christmas vacation, is put on hold when suddenly news comes that Ronin is back. Kate Bishop is introduced and Hawkeye is now tasked with clearing his name and perpetuating the Ronin myth. While Yelena Belova discovers her mission in episodes 4, 5 and finally reveals who hired her to make us aware of Hawkeye’s biggest villain in life.

Hawkeye Review (Episode 5): What Works:

Finally, after the unsatisfied situation, episode 4 left me in, if 5 hadn’t been in the news, I would have definitely stopped watching the show. Glad to report that this is not happening as episode 5 is the best Hawkeye episode ever.

One thing is clear and that Hawkeye is living the crime of not saving Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson). His spirit is present throughout the show and there is not a single episode without his mention. Now that his sister Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) has entered the show, it goes without saying that Natasha’s death is going to be part of the central conflict.

Before we get into the more technical stuff, the first aspect of Episode 5 that needs to be acknowledged is the emotional quotient. We are almost at the end of the season and right now 4 deciders are pitted against each other with different goals (Clint, Kate, Echo (Maya), Yelena). While Clint tries to clear Kate’s name, he tries not to disappoint his late friend Natasha by becoming a bloodthirsty killer again. There comes a moment in the show when he stands in front of the Avengers mural and talks to his nutty. He takes off his hearing aid and talks to her quietly. In that moment there is respect and love and longing.

For Kate, being with Clint is not just a childhood fantasy, but something that has kept her alive and running. When he falls apart, he realizes he has lost his self-given purpose. Maya sets out to avenge her father’s murder but that doesn’t mean she is evil. Yelena suffered the blip and disappeared for 5 years, for it was just 5 seconds. In those 5 seconds he lost his sister whom he had cherished.

So you see, every character has a painful past to face. You don’t know who is right or wrong. At this point they are all gray (except Kate). The writing respects their feelings and gives each character enough room to channel them and do something (you’ll see what). The 42-minute episode reveals who has been hired to kill Black Widow, who hired her and if that’s not enough, we now have Kingpin aka Vincent D’Onofrio entering the show Has been doing. Things just got darker.

Hawkeye Review (Episode 5) Out!
Hawkeye Review (episode 5) ft. Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Florence Pugh and Alaqua Cox

Hawkeye Review (Episode 5): Star Performance:

There’s no way anyone can take the spotlight when Florence Pugh is on screen. Like Black Widow, she makes sure to make Yelena intimidating enough to make you don’t take your eyes off her. One scene in particular where he and Kate Bishop aka Hailee Steinfeld sit at a table talking is the future of the MCU together and this scene is so interesting and hilarious.

Jeremy Renner’s charm is back and so are his dark eyes that have stuff. He is now slowly rekindling the fire inside him and it looks like Kingpin’s entry is all set to fuel it. Echo, played by Alaqua Cox, gets some layers in her character and is beautiful.

Hawkeye Review (Episode 5): What Doesn’t Work:

Echo, Kate, Yelena and Clint are in the same episode but the action still doesn’t quite reach the point it should have. The three of them also share a frame, but still don’t cross over to Episode 3’s chase sequence. We hope for the better, listeners!

Hawkeye Review (Episode 5) Out!
Hawkeye Review (episode 5) ft. Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Florence Pugh and Alaqua Cox

Hawkeye Review (Episode 5): Final Words:

thank God! The show is back on track. You’ll definitely wish that next Wednesday comes soon after watching Episode 5 of Hawkeye. Get it now

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