Henry Cavill Once Hinted At Having A Lot Of S*x To Achieve The Chiseled Superman Body & Fans Were Left Wondering How Much

Henry Cavill first played Superman in 2013’s Man of Steel (Photo Credits-Instagram)

Henry Cavill is clearly a man of the times. The actor has been in the news for over a month now as he made his return as Superman in the DCU with Black Adam. While rumors have been rife this week about his future still on shaky waters, James Gunn has cleared the air around it. So now we know that Man of Steel 2 is on the right track, and we’re definitely getting Cavill Superman material sculpted with that sharp jawline. But did you know that it takes a lot of sex for our man to get in that shape?

henry entered DCEU, now in the DCU, 2013 with Man of Steel directed by Zack Snyder. The actor became synonymous with the superhero character and became a household name in no time. The actor was not only a hot topic for his acting prowess but also became a global thirst trap because of his Greek God physique. So when he announced his return in Batman v Superman, everyone was looking forward to the scene where he takes off his shirt.

So it was clear that when he stepped out to promote his second outing as Superman in 2015, he was going to get a lot of body questions. And the one asking was Jimmy Fallon oh his show. Henry Cavill Was also clever at playing around with the question about his cardio regime and ended up hinting that he had a lot of sex to get in that shape. Read further to know more about the same.

When Jimmy Fallon asked about his cardio regime, Henry Cavill shyly said, “I run. That’s a hilarious answer.” Then pointing to the hooting audience, he said, “I think they got it! Jimmy then asked Henry if he had a good, long workout, to which he replied with a smile, “I try”. And that was enough for people to decode things.

However, for now we are waiting for Man of Steel 2 to confirm and move on. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more details.

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