Hindustani Bhau Loses His Calm On Bollywood Actors For Not Helping Poor, ‘Bangle Se Utro, Logon Ne 25-50 Ki Ticket Nikal Ke…”

Hindustani Bhau lashed out at Bollywood actors for not helping the poor (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Former Bigg Boss contestant Hindustani Bhau never shies away from speaking his mind and listening. From voicing his opinion against Ekta Kapoor to joining students’ protests, Vikas Phatak often grabs headlines. This evening Hindustani Bhau aka Vikas Phatak addressed the media, taking a jibe at Bollywood.

reality a demonstration The star was in the news recently for inciting board students to gather near the residence of Maharashtra Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad in Mumbai’s Dharavi.

During his latest interaction with the media, Hindustani Bhau was seen losing his cool on Bollywood celebrities Apparently not for helping poor people. At the conference, when Vikas Phatak was asked about his ‘NGO’ he said, “My organization has been around for 20 years. My ambulance runs 24 hours free of charge. I use 70% of what I do to help people.” I do everything. I pay the fees of how many children from his operation. I don’t want to tell. I perform my duty, it is not good to tell. Har kisi ne karna chaiyya. (I am running an NGO since 20 years. I have an ambulance which works 24/7. 70% of what I earn, I use it to help poor people. From their operation to their children’s education, I have helped them I don’t want to brag about it, it’s my responsibility and I think everyone should.)

Further taking a dig at Bollywood celebs, Hindustani Bhau said, “Those who are sitting in bangles now, they get down, help them, Yeh ko Logan ne ke 25-50 ticket turned out to be such a big one. So today it is your duty to get up and help them. (Those who are sitting in the bungalow should come down and help the people. These are the people who have bought the ticket to make you such a big personality. So, now it is your responsibility to help these people.)

Earlier, Vikas Phatak had apologized on social media after he was arrested for instigating the students.

Coming back, we have to wonder, whether he was alluding to someone in B-town in particular or was it just a general statement.

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