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obnoxious as the phrase “cancel culture”;, Maybe, it’s not unreasonable to assume that some skits may not have passed the smell test Hulu‘S History of the World Part II was in development.

But david stassenwho served as showrunner on the eight-episode series, said there was not a single conversation where anyone said, “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Everyone thought of the best ideas and we worked on them,” Stassen said Saturday during the show. contender tv Panel in Hollywood. “Hopefully, the best reaches the top.”

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In fact, there was one skit that didn’t make the final cut. ike barinholtz — who joined the panel on Saturday with Stassen and Starr Wanda Sykes — said they wanted to show a couple having sex while a volcano erupts in Pompeii, but they had already done something on the Kama Sutra and had “a lot of sex sketches”.

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The series serves as the sequel to the original 1981 film by Mel Brooks. History of the World, Part 1. Brooks also does the series EP which also features Nick Kroll, Barinholtz and Sykes.

“We just followed the model of the movie,” Barinholtz explained of how the series was structured. “We went big with 20 to 30 minute stories. … There was a lot of shuffling around in post, how it was all going to fit together. The original plan was to do these four stories with Ike, Wanda and Nick as random sketches.

Comedians also got to pitch their ideas. Sykes, for example, was keen to play Shirley Chisholm. He ended up writing something that saw the longtime congressman appear on a throwback sitcom from the ’70s.

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“The world is very heavy, there is a lot of shit happening,” Barinholtz told the crowd. “This is one show where you can really unplug and watch. Sometimes it’s good to be silly. It’s good to see some silly shit. I think we’ve done our best to give you a fair share of some silly shit.

Check back Tuesday for the panel video.

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