Hollywood’s Teamsters Local 399 & Basic Crafts To Begin Contract Talks With AMPTP This Week

Negotiations for a new film and TV contract covering Hollywood Teamsters Local 399 And Basic Crafts Unions begins this week with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

The current contract was set to expire on July 31, but was extended to allow for industry-wide return-to-work discussions and longer than expected for IATSE’s own film and TV pact. Basic crafts unions include IBEW Local 40, Studio Utility Employees Local 724, Studio Plumbers Local 78 and Studio Plasterers Local 755.

steve dayan, nominated by the Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 399 Lindsay Dougherty as chief negotiator. Dougherty, who is the recording secretary, business agent and organizer of Local 399, was recently selected as the Western Region’s vice president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Sean O’Brien elected Teamsters president, succeeding James P. Hoffa; Lindsey Dougherty of Local 399 elected as a Western Region VP

“At a time when major corporations like Disney, Apple, Amazon and Netflix are making record profits,” Dougherty said. “It is essential that those who are helping to build their success receive fair and sustainable pay and working conditions.”

“After member contract surveys and regular meetings with our rank-and-file steering committees, we have our marching orders from our members,” he continued. “We expect these negotiations to be difficult as we fight for the benefit of our members. As the lead negotiator and representative of Teamsters Local 399 and Hollywood Basic Crafts, my ultimate goal is to improve the lives of Hollywood Teamsters and all members of the Crafts. Defend, protect and improve. I am grateful to be leading the charge on behalf of our members in this dialogue cycle.”

Teamsters Local 399 and The . first bargaining session between AMPTP Starting with a ‘Black Book’ agreement covering drivers, animal trainers/handlers, wranglers, dispatchers, mechanics and auto-service workers in the film and TV industry.

Negotiations for local 399’s location managers and casting professionals will follow.

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