‘House Of Secrets: The Burari Deaths’ Creator Anubhav Chopra Set As Lead Writer On Indonesian Series ‘Dirty Laundry’ At SinemArt

Unique: Indonesian Media Company cinemaart Indian writer and director Anubhav Chopra As the lead writer in his upcoming web series Dirty Clothes,

A Room with local Indonesian writers is now being assembled for the project, a crime/action drama. The details of the plot are being kept secret.

Chopra’s credits include being a co-producer of the Netflix docu-series House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths. He has over a decade of experience in the business after starting his journey as an Assistant Director don 2 and then Life will not happen again. He has also previously worked as an assistant director in films such as The Sky Is Pink, Dil Bechara, Rajma Chawal, And The extraordinary journey of the fakir, And has worked in more than 250 commercials.

SinemArt is a major player in Indonesia’s entertainment industry. Founded 19 years ago, the company has been behind over 250 television series, producing tens of thousands of hours. Its film division has produced 20 features so far. Goodscript’s Lintang Pramudya Vardhani to act as Lead Creative Dirty Clothes From Cinemaart.

Experience is represented by International Talent Management Agency Basil,

Tulsi’s partner Datta Dave commented, “When episodic content development started in India about five years ago, everyone was aware of the potential and talent of Indian screenwriters and there was clearly a steep learning curve.” “As other markets now boom, there are opportunities for Tulsi customers to take their experiences and support rooms in other countries.”

“We look forward to working with experienced talent from Tulsi to create an exciting show for the Indonesian market,” said Cinemart CEO David Suwarto.