Hulu Originals Acquires ‘We Live Here: The Midwest’; Documentary Shares Stories of LGBTQI+ Families

UniqueHulu Originals has acquired “We Live Here: The Midwest”; from documentary filmmakers David Miller and Melinda Merker.

The doc explores the personal stories of LGBTQI+ families attempting to make lives in their communities despite discriminatory laws and growing prejudice. Families look forward to living in a part of the country they love, and where they often have to put down deep roots.

Families featured in the document include a trans/queer family in Iowa with five children who must find a new community after being expelled from their church; a lesbian black couple with a young daughter who tests the line of acceptance in Nebraska; a gay couple homeschooling their bullied son on a Kansas farm; a gay teacher in Ohio who is creating a safe space for LGBTQI+ students; and a couple in Minnesota who are struggling to rebuild their families following their transition.

The doc also follows Heather Keeler, a Minnesota representative and queer mother who brings LGBTQI+ rights to the political forefront despite ongoing death threats.

Miller is a professional photographer who has shot for Dolce & Gabbana, The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly, Architectural Digest and other fashion and media outlets. He previously produced two independent feature films, “Defying Gravity” and “M&Me”. He is the father of three boys and resides in Los Angeles.

Merker has worked in visual storytelling for clients across media and industries, creating work for Bank of America, Cal State Los Angeles and Canal+ in France.

Other upcoming docs for Hulu including “Freaknik: The Wildest Party Never Told,” “Queenmaker: The Making of an It Girl,” “Aaron Carter: The Little Prince of Pop” and “The Jewel Thief.” The Hulu Originals documentary team is led by Belisa Balaban, SVP, Documentaries and Unscripted Series, and Beth Osisek, Vice President, Documentary Programming.

The deal was negotiated by CAA and attorney Craig Emanuel.