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Hundred Season 2

Hundred Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot – Latest News

It is an action-comedy series. The first season of the Hundred series received a lot of positive response from the audience.

We hope to announce Hundred Season 2 soon. Let’s get all the details about the series Hundred Season 2.

Hundred Season 2: Latest News

Netra Patil is in the series Hundred. He has only 100 days left to live. He has an incurable disease. He meets ACP Soumya Shukla.

Later, she becomes an undercover agent. They both want to complete their target in the coming 100 days. Series Hundred includes Action, Comedy, Thriller, Suspense and Emotion.

Ruchi Narayan, Ashutosh Shah, Tahir Shabbir and Abhishek Dubey made the series Hundred. It was written by Abhishek Dubey, Ruchi Narayan and Ashutosh Shah.

Ruchi Narayan, Ashutosh Shah and Tahir Shabbir directed the series Hundred. Ruchi Narayan, Ashutosh Shah, Tahir Shabbir and Nilesh Bhatnagar produced the series Hundred.

Volker Shelbach did the cinematography, and Tushar Parekh edited the series Hundred. The series was produced under Hundred RAT Films. Hotstar distributed the series Hundred.

Hundred Season 1 now comprises of eight episodes namely Judge Karo Mujhe, Hawa Hawai, Chance Pe Dance, Meri Blacklist, Disco Deewane, Chor Aur Chowkidar, Main Bhi Item Girl and Khel Khiladi Ka Naam.

The series Hundred was shot in and around Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Let’s talk about the cast of the series Hundred Season 2. Maybe the cast of Hundred Season 1 will return in Season 2.

Hundred Season 2 Cast:

  1. Lara Dutta as Saumya Shukla
  2. Rinku Rajguru as Netra Patilo
  3. Karan Wahi as Manohar Dahiya – Madeo
  4. Sudhanshu Pandey – Praveen Shukla
  5. Parmeet Sethi as Anshuman Goswami
  6. Rajeev Siddharth as Shantanu Jha
  7. Jayant Gadekar as Diwakar Assol
  8. Rohini Hattangadi
  9. Makarand Deshpande – Satyendra Ahir – Sattu Uncle
  10. Arun Nalwade
  11. Tahir Shabbir

Let us discuss the release date of Series Hundred Season 2.

Hundred season 2 release date:

The second season of Series Hundred is yet to be announced. The release date of Series Hundred Season 2 has not been announced yet. If we get any update about it, we will add it here.

Hundred Season 1 was released on 25 April 2020. All the episodes were released on the same day – 25 April 2020 on the OTT platform Hotstar. Hundred Season 2 will also be released on the same OTT platform- Hotstar.

Let’s talk about the trailer of Hundred Season 2.

Hundred Season 2 Trailer:

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