Hunter March Jokes About ‘Nightly Pop’ Cancellation After Undergoing Spine Surgery

hunter march is reacting to the news that his E! performance knightly pope Used to be canceled by network cable Four years later. The TV host finds out that the late night show is ending after spine surgery.

“This surgery was really hard,” March said on Instagram Stories, setting up her joke right outside the surgery. “The one thing that pushed me forward was that I’m getting better so that I can get back to my job and make people laugh. knightly pope ‘Cause it really means the world to me.

In a second story, March erroneously added the punchline, “Never mind, just found out”. knightly pope was cancelled.”

The funniest part about knightly pope The joke being canceled is that it wasn’t a joke. Those are the best jokes – when they are real and announced during your surgery,” he said.

Will post video later in march instagram and shared a message for his fans knightly pope ending.

“It’s true, after 600+ episodes, 4 years, 2 working wives, a back surgery, and too many laughs to count, knightly pope ending in [October]He posted. who went to bed with us at night, now the bed slide just has to be in the person moving. I’m kidding! It’s pain medicine. Not really, me, with all of you, at the same time, IDC. Love you all, thank you.”

The irony of all this is that just a day before its announcement knightly pope That March was leaving the show for a couple of weeks due to his surgery. Many viewers thought he was leaving the show for good and his co-hosts Morgan Stewart and Nina Parker made it clear that he was only going to be out for a couple of weeks but would return. Unsurprisingly, the three hosts will find out on Friday 26 August that knightly pope October was definitely ending.

All the hosts of the show have been receiving messages of support from fans and Stewart took to Twitter to thank her followers.

“Thank you all for the sweetest messages!!!! We love you guys!!!” He tweeted.

In a second tweet, Stewart approved of E! also cancel your last show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Adding, “And on a side note, I have my share of E! Canceling the iconic show ahead of time… no news, it’s on and on as ever! For you guys to enjoy We still have some fun shows left.”