‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’: ITV Studios Strikes 17th Territory Sale & Heads Out On U.S. Pitching Drive

Unique: itv studios has reached the 17th position i’m a celebrity… get me out of here, Going on a field sale and a renewed US pitching drive.

The Greek version of the 20-year-old format will launch in the autumn on free-to-air network Sky TV and will be filmed in the Dominican Republic. Created by Ekun Medya, the series will follow the same format as the original, with a group of celebrities being taken into the jungle where they compete in challenges and are slowly voted off by the public. Versions in French Canada, Hungary and Romania have been ordered of late, along with all stars Spin-off in the UK.

“The format’s ability to engage audiences across multiple platforms and deliver consistently high ratings reflects its enduring appeal and entertainment value,” said Ruth Berry, Managing Director of Global Partnerships, ITV Studios.

“large area”

Speaking to Deadline, Mike Beale, MD of the organization Global Creative Networks, said it is on a renewed campaign to secure a US commission of the show, which has never really happened in the States.

“Obviously the big area we want back is the Americas,” Beale said when asked the next question. “It’s definitely on our list.”

The Jungle based ITV Entertainment version is currently being offered to US buyers, separate from the titles ITV America and Blumhouse Television Version. Celebrity Castle Erected about 18 months ago, played at the castle with horror elements. This came about after the UK version was moved from the Australian jungle to a Welsh castle during the pandemic, but it has since gone back to the jungle.

Biel suggested “potential homes have grown” for the US version with the likes of Hulu and Amazon Prime Video showing keen interest in Unpublished. Together come Dine With MeThey told i’m a celebrity It is one of the few hit shows from ITV Studios that is not currently airing across the pond, alongside the US versions. The Voice, Love Island And hell’s Kitchen All are doing well.

Pitching for unscripted buyers has intensified in the US since the writers’ strike, which could usher in a new wave of unscripted formats to plug the scheduling gap, though Beale insisted that networks proceed with caution. are increasing.

Featuring the likes of Caitlyn Jenner and Mylène Kloss from the season i’m a celebrity Aired for one season on ABC in 2003 and on NBC in 2009, while in the UK it has been one of ITV’s biggest shows for more than two decades straight. “There was some interesting mythology about whether or not it worked [in the U.S.]Beale explained.

many global i’m a celebrity Biel said the album’s health was not good, regularly garnering 40% to 50% share and doing well with elusive youth audiences. Various regions are experimenting with alternative release patterns, such as in French Canada, where the share is regularly above 50%, with shows airing weekly rather than nightly.

in Britain, all stars Recently aired on ITV and new streamer ITVX, bringing together memorable contestants from previous editions.

Whereas all stars While not matching the ratings of the established December edition, which regularly sits on ITV’s most watched list, it nevertheless performed well in its slot. Beale predicted all stars will return once every few years instead of annually and it is predicted that more networks will greenlight spin-offs of legacy brands in the coming years.

“Broadcasters are thinking about how to use their streaming services to drive a circular transaction for the viewer, so I think we will see more of these scheduling experiments from major brands,” he said.

Beale is also helping BBC with new ITV studios reality shows such as i kissed a boy and channel 4 Afraid of the dark.

In his creative network role, he links together ITV Studios’ entertainment indies globally. “Buzzword is cost-effectiveness,” Beale explained. “We’re thinking about how we can create shows that have ambition and present them in a way that makes them cost-effective for the network in this difficult time.”